Digital Marketing Training

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I. ON Page Optimization

1. Title Optimization

2. Meta Description Optimization

3. Keywords Optimization

4. Heading Tags in Contents

5. Content Optimization

6. Image Optimization(Image Alt Tags)

7. Anchor Text

8. URL optimization

9. Custom 404 error page

10. 301 permanent redirection

11. 302 temporary redirection

12. Robot.txt

13. Sitemap.xml

14. Breadcrumbs

II. Off Page Optimization

1. Submission to search engines

2. Directory Submission

3. News and Press Release

4. Classifieds

5. Blog listing/Guest blogging/guest posting

6. Blog commenting

7. Profile creation

8. Business profile creation/Business listing

9. Forum submission

10. Article Submissions

11. PDF Submission

12. RSS Feeds

III. Keyword Research planner

1. Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category

a. Ad group ideas

b. Keyword ideas

2. Display planner.

IV. Web master tools

1. Dashboard

a. Current Status

i. Crawl Errors

ii. Search Analytics

iii. Site Maps

2. Messages

3. Search Appearance

a. HTML Improvements

b. Sitelinks

4. Search Traffic

a. Search Analytics

b. Links to Your Site

c. Internal Links

d. Manual Actions

e. International Targeting

f. Mobile Usability

5. Google Index

a. Index Status

b. Content Keywords

c. Blocked Resources

d. Remove URLs

6. Crawl

a. Crawl Errors

b. Crawl Stats

c. Fetch as Google

d. robots.txt Tester

e. Sitemaps

f. URL Parameters

V. Google updates: –

1. Google Panda updates

2. Penguin updates

3. Humming bird updates.

4. Sand box

VI. Technical SEO

5. Domain Authority, Page Authority, PR, Alexa Ranking

Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Course Index

1. Structuring Ad words Account

2. Google Advertising Networks

3. Types Of Campaigns

4. Campaigns Sub Types

5. Difference between Standard & all features

6. Bidding types

7. Adwords Formulas

8. Bidding Strategy

9. Keywords types

10. Ads types

11. Ad extension type

12. Quality Score.

13. Shared Library

14. Campaign draft and experiments creation

15. Campaign groups

1. Search Network only Campaign

a. Search Network Campaign Creation

b. Ads Types

c. Ads Extension

d. Bidding Strategy

e. Campaign optimization

2. Display Campaign

a. Display network Campaign creation

b. Ads type

c. Display network targeting

d. D/n Bidding Strategy

e. D/N Optimization

3. Search network with display Select

a. S/N with D/S Campaign creation

b. Marketing objectives

c. Ads type

d. Targeting option

e. Campaign optimization

4. Video Campaign

a. Video Campaign creation

b. Video Ads types

c. Video ads bid strategy

d. Video ads targeting option

e. Video Campaign optimization.

5. Universal App Campaign.

a. Universal App campaign creation

b. Ads type

c. Biding strategy

d. Targeting option

e. Optimization

6. Shopping Campaign

a. Shopping Campaign creation

b. Google merchant Canter account creation

c. Merchant centre and adwords integrations

d. Product inventory Excel Sheet Creation

e. Targeting Option

f. Optimization.

Social Media MARKETING (SMM)

* Social Media Branding, Engagement & Management

* Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Branding strategy

* Facebook Advertising

* LinkedIn Advertising

* Twitter Advertising

* Social Media Analytical Insights, Analysis & Reports

Google Analytics

* Introduction to Google analytics

* Understanding Google analytics account structure

* Starting with Google analytics

* How to set up analytics account

* How to add analytics code in website

* Understanding goals and conversions

* How to setup goals

* Understanding different types of goals

* Understanding bounce & bounce rate

* Difference between exit rate & bounce rate

* How to reduce bounce rate

* How to set up funnels in goals

* How to integrate adwords and analytics account

* Benefits of integrating adwords & analytics

* Measuring performance of marketing campaigns via Analytics

* Understanding filters & segments

* How to set up filters & segments

* How to view customized reports

* Monitoring traffic sources

* Monitoring traffic behavior

* Taking corrective actions if requireds

Affiliate Marketing Google

AdSense Email Marketing