FCCC Training

Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) Training

FCCS- Administrator- 4 days

Day 1: Overview, Navigation, Dimensionality, Close Process, Security, Application Creation

Day 2: Working with Metadata, Customising the Interface, Intercompany, Journals, Data Forms

Day 3: Approval Process, Building Dashboards, Close Manager, Supplemental Data, Smart View

Day 4: Migration, Consolidation, Translation, Manage Ownerships, Jobs, Calculations, EPM Automate.

FDMEE Data Management for EPM Cloud- 2 days

Day 1: Data Management Process Overview, System Settings, Source & Target Registration, Category & Period Mapping, Import Formats, Locations & Load Rules, Mapping Tables, Importing & Validating Source Files, Import Format Expressions.

Day 2: Check Rule Groups, Simple & Complex Logic Accounts, Journals, Batches, Format Mask Mappings, Multi-Dimension Mapping, Multi-Period Loads, Source & Target Options.

FCCS-Enablement for Project Teams- 2 days

Day 1:

Overview, functionality and features, navigation, terms and concepts, managing dimensionality, data migration, typical close processes, custom navigation flows, data forms and dashboards, security, cloud services maintenance.

Day 2: Calculation rules, manage ownerships and consolidation methods, understanding supplemental data, journals, intercompany processing, defining valid intersections, reporting capabilities and Smart View.

FCCS- Key User- 2 days

Day 1:

Overview, navigation, FCCS dimensionality, the close process, intercompanies processing, working with journals.

Day 2:

Consolidation, calculation, translation, exchange rates, manages approvals, data forms, Smart View ad hoc analysis and functions, running Financial Reports.

Financial Reporting- Web Studio- 2 days

Day 1:

Overview and Introduction to the Financial Reporting Web Studio, creating basic reports and dynamic member selection and design considerations.

Day 2:

Calculations, Formulas, functions, dynamic report building and key reporting features.