FDMEE Training

Introduction to Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE)

Product Orientation

* FDMEE Overview

* Key Benefits and Features of FDMEE

* FDMEE Integration Process

* Processing Data Overview

* Accessing and Navigating in FDMEE

Preparing FDMEE Integrations

* Integration Setup Overview

* Setting Up the Application Root Folder

* Defining Profiles

* Setting Up Source Systems

* Registering Target Applications

Setting Up Import Formats for File Systems

* Import Formats Overview

* Creating Import Formats

* Defining Import Format Mappings

* Skipping Lines in Import Files

* Concatenating Fields

* Adding Import Expressions

Completing the Integration Setup

* Locations Overview

* Adding Locations

* Setting Location Details and Integration Options

* Periods and Categories Overview

* Defining Period Mappings

* Defining Category Mappings

* Point of View Overview

Setting Up Data Load Mappings

* Data Load Mappings Overview

* Defining Data Load Mappings

* Explicit Mappings

* Mapping Rules

* Processing Order

* Building Maps Externally

* Importing Mappings

* Sharing Mappings

Defining and Executing Data Load Rulesc

Processing Batches

* Batch Processing Overview

* Adding Batch Definitions

* Defining Batch Parameters

* Executing Batches

* Creating and Executing Open Batches

* Scheduling Batches

* Executing Batch Scripts

Reporting in FDMEE

* FDMEE Reports Overview

* Adding Report Groups

* Running Reports

* Reviewing and Adding Query Definitions

* Generating XML Files

* Creating Report Templates

* Adding Report Definitions

Setting Up Security

* FDMEE Security Overview

* Setting Up FDMEE Security

* Defining Role, Report, and Batch Security

* Location Security

* Adding Groups for Location Security

* Assigning Users to Groups in Shared Services

* Provisioning Users in Shared Services

Defining Import Scripts

* Scripting in FDMEE Overview

* Jython Basics

* Accessing Script Editor

* Creating Import Scripts

* Assigning Import Scripts to Import Formats

* Applying Import Script Functions

* Using Temporary Variables in Import Scripts

Defining Mapping and Event Scripts

* Mapping Scripts Overview

* Jython Objects in Mapping Scripts

* Setting Up Mapping Scripts

* Event Scripts Overview

* Creating Event Scripts

* Changing Import Formats Dynamically

* Using the File System Object in Event Scripts

FDMEE Integration with Other Source Systems

* GL Integration Overview

* Registering ERP Source Systems

* Selecting Source Accounting Entities

* Creating Import Formats for Accounting Entities

* Setting Up the Integration for Source Systems

* Drilling Through to Source Data

* Importing Source Data from the Open Interface Table