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SAS Course

Session 1 : SAS_Basic_Concepts
Session 2: Referencing Files and Setting Options
Session 3: Editing and Debugging SAS Programs
session 4 : Creating List Reports
Session 5: Creating SAS Data sets from Raw Data
Session 6 : Understanding DATA Step Processing
Session 7 : Creating and Applying User-Defined Formats
Session 8 : Producing Descriptive Statistics
Session 9: Creating and Managing Variables
Session 10: Producing Reports using ODS
Session 11: Reading SAS Data Sets
Session 12: Combining Data Sets
Session 13: Transforming Data with SAS Functions

Session 14: Generating Data with DO Loops
Session 15 : Processing Variables With Arrays
Session 16 : Reading Raw Data in Fixed Fields
Session 17 : Reading Free-Format Data
Session 18: Reading Date and Time Values
Session 19 : Creating a Single Observation from Multiple Records
Session 20 : Creating Multiple Observations from a Single Record
Session 21: Reading Hierarchical Files
Session 22: SAS Procedures
Session 23: PROC SQL
Session 24: PROC Report
Session 25: SAS Graph
Session 26 : Introducing Macros